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My entry for Pricimation’s Digimon Collab.

My entry for Pricimation’s Digimon Collab.


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am I too late?

New Leaf: Mermaid screen

If anyone on New Leaf has a Mermaid screen just lyin around, I’m looking for one and up for a trade! :)



I don’t even care if I sound like a bitch, I am so not looking forward to people in the Sailor Moon tag crying about how their childhoods are being LITERALLY RUINED because Usagi and Mamoru will no longer be Serena and Darien or how “Amara” and “Michelle” won’t be cousins or…

Um, some of us were like 8 when this show was on tv? Sorry it was 98’ and streaming wasn’t exactly a thing to do?

To be clear: I understand that most people understandably prefer the original japsnese uncut dub , I prefer this as well, BUT what some people apparently don’t seen to understand is a lot of fans were actual children when this show came out. Actual little children in the 90s.

Like its great that you might have had the privilege to watch it uncut the first time you saw Sailor Moon but, for a lot of people who grew up watching this was not the case. So OF COURSE they would be more nostalgic for the American dub. If they were anything like me (who was 8 at the time) they might not have even known that the American dub wasn’t the original.

SO, my point here is be a little more understanding and little less elitist about this. Its just a show, you didn’t make it, its not yours, nostalgia for both dubs are just as valid.

minus text gif version

minus text gif version